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There is a myriad of reasons you may need an appraisal completed on a property. Perhaps you have an estate to settle, or are paying cash for a house and want the added benefit of an appraisal. Maybe you going through a separation or divorce, and need to establish the value of the property when it was purchased, as well as today’s date?


When you hire an appraiser to handle these types of sensitive problems, you want someone who can take the time, and explain the process. Someone who can communicate the appraisal assignment results in an understandable manner. Someone who takes great care and pride in doing a good job, for you, the client.


So, how can I help you? I am detail oriented, and have an in-depth knowledge of the appraisal process. I am able to communicate both verbally, and in writing, the elements that will be of importance in developing my opinion of value. This is a critical aspect of providing an appraisal report to someone who is not a regular user of these services. After all, while the number is important, understanding the rationale behind that number is also important.


With almost three decades as an appraiser, I bring my extensive knowledge to the process. My promise to you, the client, is that you will understand the logic behind the value conclusion. My promise is that I will take care to research and develop the report in a way that benefits you so that you are able to make your critical decision as to how to move forward with whatever reason brought you to search for an appraiser. Whether or not the value conclusion meets your expectations, it will be valuable in providing an educated, unbiased, independent, impartial and objective opinion.

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If you want to know more about the appraisal process, please click this link for a brief explanation.

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