As a fellow appraiser, it is awesome to have someone like Rachel to be able to reach out to for her vast experience and knowledge in the field to verify that I am performing as expected within the appraiser profession. Much of what appraisers do often will depend on having methods and logic that meets with peer expectations as acceptable appraisal practice and Rachel was available to me in an informal capacity so that I could verify I am doing good appraisal work and meeting expectations for the industry, she additionally offered great pointers and tips to improve my product. Thank you, Rachel, for being a great advocate for doing a good job.
— Loni P

One-on-one assistance

Have you ever needed some help from another appraiser in double-checking to see that your work is logical? A person to bounce ideas off of? What about informal peer review, or one-on-one education?

If you are interested in exploring options, drop me a line. We can talk about your needs, and how I may be able to help.