Full time in real estate industry since 1984 and as appraiser since 1989

AQB Certified USPAP Instructor

Bachelor's of Applied Science - Real Estate Studies, Siena Heights University

Designated member (SRA and AI-RRS) of The Appraisal Institute

Designated member of the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (IFA)

Candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers

Past member of the Michigan Council of Real Estate Appraisers (MICREA)

Member of the Relocation Appraisers and Consultants group (RAC)


Partial list of courses/seminars attended (Appraisal Institute):

  • Review Theory - Residential

  • General Income Approach - Part One

  • General Market Analysis and Highest and Best Use

  • Income Approach for Residential Appraisers

  • Appraising Condos, Co-ops & PUD's

  • Appraising the Appraisal: Appraisal Review - Residential

  • Worldwide ERC Relocation Appraising

  • The Uniform Appraisal Dataset from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

  • Loss Prevention Program for Real Estate Appraisers

  • Thinking Outside the Forms: Tools, Techniques and Opportunities

  • Litigation Appraising

  • Appraiser as Expert Witness

  • Condemnation Appraising, Principals & Applications

  • Instructors Leadership Development Course

  • Advanced Narrative Form and Report Writing (course 500)

  • Using Spreadsheet Programs in Real Estate Appraisals

  • Appraisal Review

  • Supervising Appraisal Trainees

  • Introduction to FHA Appraisal

  • Maintaining Control: Dealing with Client Pressure

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Supporting Sales Comparison Grid Adjustments

  • Appraising the Tough Ones


Other courses taken are available upon request


Pursuit of excellence

While feel for an area is important, the unbiased development of an opinion of value relies on much more than this element. Statistical and paired data support; interviews with market participants; analysis of the here and now (for current valuation projects) are all elements that may go into a report that is supported by facts. While intuition is important, it needs to be backed up by a level of critical thinking. 


Rachel Massey completes every appraisal and appraisal review with attention to detail, realizing that this is a critical need for her clients. Each appraisal is completed in an unbiased manner and with the utmost integrity.


Put your trust into the expertise of a local market expert who combines specific market knowledge with unbiased, critical analysis of the problem to be solved. 


Why go anywhere else?