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I can recommend Rachel without reservation.  Her work was timely, she was respectful of our time and circumstances during her thorough review of our home and the final product was detailed. Our property has a unique and desirable location which can be a challenge for an appraiser. Rachel’s selection of comparable properties for her analysis showed that she understood not only how to go about dealing with this but a detailed knowledge of the Ann Arbor market.

-Tom Darnton

Rachel Massey was actually recommended to us by another appraiser in the Ann Arbor area who could not fit us into his schedule. Given that she is a competitor, I was surprised when he freely admitted that "Rachel is the best around," and now I know why.  Indeed, we were very impressed with Rachel Massey's services! Our market appraisal was a challenging one in that we were purchasing a lake property which included a very old, tiny cottage in pretty rough shape.  Because houses do not go up for sale very often on this particular lake, finding comparative values was difficult, especially given the condition of the house itself. However, Rachel proved to be extremely knowledgeable about how to accurately assess lake properties. In the end, she provided us with an extensive, detailed report that far exceeded our expectations. It gave us all the data we needed to be able to offer a fair, market-based price for such a unique property. My husband and I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel Massey's services to anyone who is in the process of buying or selling a home!

Laura S. Saline


It is a great pleasure to recommend Rachel Massey for the appraising of homes.  She is a true professional who spends much time studying every aspect of a home, evaluating it for it present value and future  possibilities while establishing a realistic value for it.  She spent about two and a half hours evaluating our Saline, MI home.

Her evaluation includes the taking of many photos for documentary evidence, a careful examination of each room and its features, and a careful measurement of all the rooms.  In addition, Rachel is able to recognize the quality of workmanship whether it is the remodeling of a home or an addition to it.  She also can recognize a home that has been well cared for and includes that information in her report.

My wife and I decided to sell our home but had no idea of what its fair market value would be.  We had made improvements to it but we had no idea how these improvements affected its value.  So we hired Rachel, an independent witness who had no vested interest in the sale of our home, to determine its current market value.  After she completed her appraisal and sent us her report, we contacted a real estate agent and put our home on the market.  Our asking price was slightly less than the appraised value established  by Rachel.  We put the home on the market on a Wednesday, had five (5) showings the next day (Thursday) and accepted an offer on the home on Friday for a price that was the same as Rachel's "appraised"  market value.

We recommend this approach as an important first step to selling your home because it gives you a realistic value for your home and provides you with information from an independent witness.  You have to pay for the service.  But in return you have documented information that you can use in establishing a sales price for your home and negotiating its final price.  And if you want one of the best contact Rachel Massey.   (Michael and Marilyn Agin, former residents of Saline, MI)

"Hi Rachel, Sorry to take so long to let you know how much your advice helped us. Nancy and I knew some information about the area and subdivision we were looking to buy in, We easily could have by passed the expense of an appraisal but it seemed prudent to protect a $400,000.00 investment with some professional advice. BOY… did you open our eyes. As they say in real estate, it’s location, location, location. Because of Nancy’s work the location of our house was important to be within easy reach of the busy road we were near. However, we had no idea how much that can affect the value. Our decision to hire you saved us thousands of dollars. You were very professional from the get go. The work engagement letter was something I never thought of before. It clearly stated what I should and should not expect. That saves both parties from expecting something that was not intended. Your work helped us make a well informed decision. I would recommend this type on service to anyone making a large investment! Thanks again Jay G"
************************************************************************************************"My husband and I recently hired Rachel Massey to appraise a home we purchased. We had heard she was highly respected in her field. Ms. Massey was professional, friendly, thorough, detail-oriented, and extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. We highly recommend Massey & Associated Valuation Services.   -Carolyn H., Ann Arbor" 
"Rachel is one of the most dedicated appraisers I have had the pleasure of working with. She goes the extra mile in researching the market and she stays abreast of appraisal techniques, constantly trying to be the best appraiser she can possibly be. This is exhibited by her willingness to take on the difficult task of becoming an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor and in volunteering her time to helping other appraisers with their questions and problems. If you are in the market for a local expert in the residential field of appraisal, I urge you to consider Rachel above all others." - Michael Lohmeier, FASA, CRP, MAI, RES, SRA 


"Rachel Massey has always provided me and my client’s prompt, professional and thorough service.  Her approach to the market is very data-intense - she is always querying Realtors and brokers regarding trends they are seeing, generating granulated analysis of macro-issues in our coverage areas.  Rachel will provide you the information you need to make a well-informed transactional decision” 

 - Adam Eichner, Principal Broker Eichner Realty, LLC


As a fellow appraiser, it is awesome to have someone like Rachel to be able to reach out to for her vast experience and knowledge in the field to verify that I am performing as expected within the appraiser profession. Much of what appraisers do often will depend on having methods and logic that meets with peer expectations as acceptable appraisal practice and Rachel was available to me in an informal capacity so that I could verify I am doing good appraisal work and meeting expectations for the industry, she additionally offered great pointers and tips to improve my product. Thank you, Rachel, for being a great advocate for doing a good job.

Loni Pincoski, Michigan State Licensed Appraiser.